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What We Do

What makes Lead In Complexity different?

We support leaders who embrace the courage to step beyond what they already know into learning new ways for new conditions.

Feeling stuck in the face of complexity is normal. Lead in Complexity is a purposefully small, boutique learning company that provides specialized development services to leaders facing complexity in their workplace.

We create conditions for you to learn by respecting the knowledge you bring, maintaining confidentiality of conversations and supporting you to stretch into your potential.

Our programs are based on sound learning design and guide you to experiment with leading in new ways. The learning here is more than “knowing about” leading in complexity, it’s about actually doing it. In complex conditions taking action means being a better observer, an excellent collector of perspectives and a confident experimenter. You can and will hone your complexity skills here.

We know the value of “why” and will show you enough theory to understand the rationale for various practices. Our courses focus on practical application with additional theory available as a supplement to suit your learning style.

Leaders work in social systems, and our work is practice. Lead in Complexity’s various services will guide you in trying out new leadership practices, reflecting on what worked, and shifting up as you become more comfortable stepping into new territory.

We stand beside you, support you and challenge you as you step into new ways of being a leader and new ways of acting in complex conditions. Our confidential relationship provides a safe place for you to honestly discuss the glories and the speed bumps in your learning.

Incredible resources abound. You don’t have time to find them.

In our courses we do that work for you.


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