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Dedicated to helping you level up to lead effectively in complex environments.


One of the most powerful supports for putting new learning into practice is to work with a coach. I work with successful leaders who are challenged by complex, wicked and seemingly intractable issues.

I support you to develop adaptive responses to the complex challenges you are facing right now. We explore what it means to be a leader in complexity, and how to expand from excellent problem solving to calm, centered, system-based action that includes multiple perspectives and creates novel results.

Typically, I work with senior leaders who are ready to grow beyond what they already know. Minimum engagement is 6 sessions, usually spread over 3 months.

All coaching clients receive access to the Lead in Complexity Practice Community webinars.

Boot Camp Self Study

Today’s workplaces are fast paced. It can be hard to take a proper break, let alone find time to go to a workshop or seminar.

Complete the 8 modules at your own pace. Each module will take about 2-3 hours to complete.

Most people find it helpful to sign up with a learning partner – plus there’s a 20% discount for each partner.

The modules have a concise reading component followed by suggestions for conversations with others and ways to put the learning into practice in your work.

Now available! A Mentored Option for Boot Camp where you get 3 private mentoring sessions with Shauna to boost your learning. With this option you can still sign up with a learning partner and each obtain a 20% discount.

Custom designs

Are you and others in your workplace facing challenges that resist solving?

I work with leaders to design and deliver foundations of complexity leadership practice for teams.

Get in touch and we can see whether it’s time to bring complexity leadership to your workplace.

Requests considered individually.

Incredible resources abound. You don’t have time to find them.

Our courses do that work for you.


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