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Boot Camp

Ready to level up? Boot Camp is for you.

Hone your skills in leading in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous conditions.

Everything to get started, in one place

This 8 module self-study course is complete on this website. No additional books to purchase, no need to go to a classroom, no submitted assignments, no grading. The design is based on 2 principles of learning design: the 70-20-10 guide and Josh Kaufman’s work on how long it takes to learn something.


There are two options for Boot Camp:



  • The full, 8 module self study course (best price).
  • Or… chunk it down, doing Part One first to solidify your knowledge of complexity concepts and then Part Two when you are ready to take action on a specific complex issue.
  • Monthly Boot Camp tutorials to discuss your learning and connect with other Boot Camp members.
  • Sign up with a learning partner and each gets a discount. Email the names of both learning partners to info@leadincomplexity.com prior to registering to get your coupon.

$149 CAD (Full course)

$89 CAD (Parts One or Two)



  • All the features of Basic Boot Camp plus:
  • 3 private mentoring sessions with Shauna to support and deepen your learning, scheduled at a time that is convenient for you.
  • Sign up with a learning partner and each gets a discount. Email the names of both learning partners to info@leadincomplexity.com prior to registering to get your coupon.

$749 CAD

20% discount when you register with a learning partner!

Who is this for?

Boot Camp is for successful leaders ready to level up their leadership in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) conditions.

If you are an effective leader, successful at setting and achieving goals but frustrated that the skills that helped you achieve your success are not working well in some environments, then Boot Camp is for you.

Boot Camp is real-life. Each module provides easy to implement practice activities where you apply concepts from the course to your day to day leadership.

If you’re new to leadership and are still mastering the skills of team development, creating healthy work environments and setting and achieving goals then this course may not be for you. Better to focus your efforts on honing your skills in your current role.

What’s included?

Basic: Sign up on your own or with a learning partner (preferred) and complete the course at your own pace. Monthly tutorials connect you to others taking the course. Each tutorial opens with your questions about the course and concludes with a complexity leadership “bite”.

Mentored: This option includes the basic self study course (with or without a learning partner) plus 3 private mentoring sessions with Shauna to support and deepen your learning.

Mentoring sessions are via Zoom and are scheduled at your convenience. I recommend one session near the start of the program to help you plan your learning, one near the middle to keep on track and prepare for the application of your learning in Part Two and one in the latter part of the course or near the end to integrate your learning.

Course Content:

Boot Camp has 2 parts that can be taken as a whole or individually in sequence.

Part One: Complexity Concepts explores fundamental concepts critical to understanding complex systems. You may have encountered some of these concepts before. Here you will actively put them to use in your leadership. Module Two explores the particular challenges of being a leader in complex conditions.

Module One
Boot camp basics
Leading in a VUCA world

Module Two
Being a leader in complexity

Module Three
Sensing: Discerning context

Module Four
Sensing: Seeing the system

Part Two: Acting in Complexity guides you to take your learning into your system. In these modules you will engage with members of your system to address a complex issue faced by the system. These modules bring forward concepts from Part One and involve participation of members of your system.

Module Five
Wise action: Engaging diverse perspectives

Module Six
Wise action: Exploring possibilities

Module Seven
Wise action: Designing iterative experiments

Module Eight

get past the frustration barrier of new learning

Josh Kaufman’s TEDx 3 minute video explains his idea that you can get past the frustration barrier of new learning by committing to 20 hours of practice. His plan is 45 minutes a day for a month.

In Boot Camp you will find practice activities that can easily be integrated into your usual work.

We realize that some days are too full and that some days you need to rest, so this is not a 7-day a week venture. Most practice activities are achievable in less than 30 minutes, and will apply, as much as possible, to real situations you are faced with in your work.

20-30 minutes a day

The 70-20-10 guideline says that 70% of what you learn at work is by doing things in your job. This is the backbone of Boot Camp. Let’s do the math: if you dedicate 2 hours per week to your learning, then you will spend:

  • Approximately 15 minutes a week reading (~10%),
  • Approximately 25-30 minutes in conversation with your learning partner, or a co-worker about the concepts in the module (20%), and
  • Approximately 1h 15 min applying your learing in your leadership practice (70%). Taking leaderly action is the best way to embed your learning.

Your practice time is, for the most part, not additional to your work. For example, in Module 3, your practice is to use the language of complexity explicitly when discussing issues. You can easily do this in any meeting that is part of your regular work.

Signing up with a learning partner is an excellent opportunity to support and reinforce your mutual learning.


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