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About Shauna

Over 30 Years of Leadership Experience.

Hi, I’m Shauna.

I’m an experienced leader, coach and learning designer. I enjoy creating practical learning activities that help you put new ideas to work in your leadership practice. I was a co-creator of the LEADS in a Caring Environment Framework and spent more than a decade supporting new, experienced and senior leaders grow their capacity to lead at their current level of practice.

My focus now has shifted to working specifically with successful leaders who are bumping up against the challenges of complexity.

Leadership content master

Shauna has been a student of leadership for over 20 years. She was a co-creator of the LEADS in a Caring Environment Framework in 2006 and has taught, coached and designed learning for leaders in each of those years. Her most recent interest is focused on successful leaders who are ready to hone their skills working in complex adaptive systems.

Executive coach

Shauna has been an executive coach for more than 15 years, and has worked with leaders and learners from several organizational levels in various industries.

Experienced leader and educator

Shauna was a successful leader in a variety of Canadian health care organizations for approximately 30 years. During that time she implemented change in acute care and ambulatory care settings. Shauna has strong experience as an educator, most recently as an Associate Faculty at Royal Roads University, with teaching experience in the MA Leadership program, the Organizational Design and Development program, and a variety of custom, client centred learning projects.

Proficient learning designer

 Shauna loves learning design. She has designed and delivered a wide variety of programs: face-to-face, blended and online. She has delivered more than 100 interactive webinars on a variety of leadership topics. Shauna believes that people learn best when they are able to apply new ideas in bite-sized pieces to real life challenges. She also strongly believes in the importance of learning with others and builds this into her designs.



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