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Lead in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous (VUCA) conditions.

Our specialized leadership development services are accessible on-demand to leaders facing the challenges of complexity.

Who is our Leadership Development for?

You’re a successful leader, but you can’t always see a clear path forward…

Your usual problem solving approaches don’t always work…

Are you looking for the next steps in achieving results when conditions are volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous? We work with leaders who are really good at setting achievable goals and working stepwise to reach them, who are frustrated that messy problems don’t get solved using tried and true techniques.

Maybe you feel like you’re reaching forward towards another type of leadership, but you’re not sure what step to take next.

Maybe you’re a health care leader, familiar with the LEADS in a Caring Environment.

You’ll find lots here to help you advance your leadership.

Leadership development is more than learning the next 5 or 6 step process for change, rather it’s about willingness to explore new mindsets and ways of seeing, unlearning some “old favourite” methods and trying out new practices.

If this were a video game you’d be ready to level up – good at what you’ve done so far, and poised to go further. To advance you need to expand your perspective, and learn new skills to meet the messier challenges ahead.

You need to develop new ways of seeing the system you work in, to expand your team building skills to engage multiple, often conflicted stakeholders, and support the creation of new futures.

Level up! We proudly help you grow your adaptive leadership skills.

Boot Camp

  • Today’s workplaces are fast paced. It can be hard to take a proper break, let alone find time to go to a workshop or seminar.
  • Complete the 8 modules at your own pace. Each module will take about 2-3 hours to complete.
  • Monthly tutorials help keep you on track and address questions that come up in your learning.


  • One of the most powerful supports for putting new learning into practice is to work with a coach. 
  • Together we will explore what it means to be a leader in complexity, and how to expand from excellent problem solving to calm, centered, system-based action that includes multiple perspectives and creates novel results.

Meet OUr Facilitator


Hi, I’m Shauna.

I’m an experienced leader, coach and learning designer. I enjoy creating practical learning activities that help you put new ideas to work in your leadership practice. I was a co-creator of the LEADS in a Caring Environment Framework and spent more than a decade supporting new, experienced and senior leaders grow their capacity to lead at their current level of practice.

My focus now is on working specifically with successful leaders who are bumping up against the challenges of complexity.


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